Specializing In Those New To Peruvians!
September 17, 2014
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Welcome to our website featuring our beautiful Peruvian Horses. You may know of the Champion horses we’ve bred: DR El Jefe+, DR El Patron+, Dulcinea DR, Paloma DR and La Rubia Especial DR, or our foundation mares RDLF Crecencia and *ASR Avellana+, both proven champions as well. But we hope that you also check out our gorgeous up-and-comers too! We produce the finest quality Peruvian Horses with gentle, willing temperaments, silky smooth rides and correct conformation.

D Ranch strongly believes that the best possible horse is achieved by starting with selecting only the best genes available from both the sire and the dam, then add the finest care and nutrition, and patient, gentle training. Our new arrivals are greeted immediately with foal imprinting and plenty of attention without interfering in the mare/foal relationship. As the foals mature, this early contact makes both the mares and foals amicable and trusting for their owners and handlers.

Our trainer, Tony Botello, does a truly wonderful job with our horses. They are versatile, have a light rein, are easy to ride and well seasoned for various situations before they are considered “finished”. We all enjoy trail riding so our horses are trained to open gates, go over logs, through water, over and through tarps, down roads and highways and anything else we can think of! We also have a few goats and steers so all of our horses are exposed to livestock from a young age. This also helps prepare our horses for the show as well, making them more comfortable and relaxed with the high-stress environment of the show ring.

Whether you’re new only to Peruvians or new to horses in general, it’s our priority to find the perfect horse for you. At D Ranch, we feel strongly that that horse and rider must become a true partnership, which is why we have developed our “New Buyer Policy”. If you buy a horse from us, we invite you to come and visit as many times as necessary to get to know your new horse and how to handle and ride it properly. We know that finding “your horse” takes time – it’s a big decision. We promise to assist you in everyway possible to make the choice in selecting that perfect horse. Come see our horses to learn more about them and how the D Ranch philosophy of handling and training produces the most wonderful, cooperative horses of the Peruvian breed.


Maidy Dreyfuss

D Ranch