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The Story

It all started in the early 1990s when my late husband, Mel, and I fell in love with the Santa Ynez Valley on the central coast of California and Peruvian Horses. We purchased a 40-acre ranch on a hilltop in Solvang, overlooking the valley’s horse ranches and wineries. The ranch is set among rolling hills and lush green pastures set off with Spanish style architecture and white rail fencing – Paradise!



The next step, of course, was to find some horses. Friends took us to a Peruvian Horse show in Santa Barbara and we were hooked. What really mesmerized me were the horses’ tremendous presence, beauty, fluid movement and smooth ride. Due to back and whiplash injuries, I had been told by doctors that I might not be able to ride again; but a smooth-riding Peruvian Horse would change that. I was so thrilled to find these horses, that my friends had to drag me out of there at the end of the show!


After learning about Peruvians, we found two good riding horses that fit our needs at the time. We bought two more so our friends could ride with us. One was a mare, so of course, we had our first foal.


And then we were hooked! Mel and I then embarked on a quest to find the best Peruvians we could to begin our breeding program. We think that you will agree that we have done an excellent job. Our foundation lines include *HNS Domingo+, AEV Regional+, *Mantequilla, RCh Ventarrones+ and JCG Gringo lines. We take pride in our horses and enjoy them tremendously. New owners of D Ranch horses do, too!


Maidy Dreyfuss



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