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Chaquira DR

Chaquira DR

MSR Pasionaria

RRI El Castillo

*Canetana de Nana


RCh Ventarrones+

RDLP Esmeralda

HSR Especial de la Vega



Date of Birth




June 2005


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Chaquira definitely takes after her father! She’s elegant, commands attention, has beautiful movement, gait ,and is impressive to just watch! She has finely chiseled features and is feminine yet strong. Chaquira does whatever you want, with confidence; she is very secure and willing. She is now in the bit and is a joy to ride – she’s smooth, has great drive, overreach and push from the rear, as well as exquisite extension, lift and action in the front. Her pisos, personality, elegant conformation and bloodlines make her an exceptional prospect for a breeding/gait mare, as well as a trusty trail mount.

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